About Masala Bhavan

We are proud to have been named ‘Best in Category’ in Calgary 2020!

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Chef Christina

For Chef Christina, cooking has started off as a hobby which she made her profession. As a child, she always watched her mother using pestle & mortar to prepare the freshest of ingredients. It ignited her interest in cooking as she was very close to her mother.

One could say that being a chef is in her heritage as her grandfather was a chef as well. Although she was too young to have trained under him, she always loved his cooking and baking.

In 2010 her family moved to Calgary from Pakistan. In The restaurants of Calgary is where she started her culinary journey. Which eventually brought her to Masala Bhavan where she is expanding her horizon as a chef.

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Chef Kumar

Self-motivated professional with outstanding skills as both Chef and Manager. His expertise in spices and condiments add value to our Masala Bhavan recipes. Manage daily kitchen operations and create standards hat exceed safety and health regulations; identify and provide solutions for any problem areas.

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Chef Saravanan

Chef Saravanan excells in his qualities of self-motivation, outstanding skills as both Chef and Manager. His expertise in spices and condiments add value to our Masala Bhavan recipes.

His management of daily kitchen operations and implementation of regulations that exceed safety and health regulations. He has a unique ability to identify any potential problems that may arise and provide solutions for it ahead of time.

His career took him across the world. Predominantly the Taj Hotels in South India, Dubai and Canada.

Our Story

About Masala Bhavan Cooking is my passion. I grew up in a small south Indian village watching my parents making delicious and healthy meals for school students every day. They spent more than two decades in the Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Program. I got my inspiration for cooking from them and it motivated me to use my skills in the field of hospitality. After my studies, I was trained as a professional cook in 5 star Taj hotels in India, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom for 8 years. I immigrated to Canada and worked for another Indian restaurant and Fairmont Hotel in Calgary for 10 years. I received my “Red Seal Chef Certification” in 2009. Always I had dreamt of running my own restaurant and my dream came 

true, with my family and friend’s support we opened our dream restaurant in South West Calgary. My art is creating delicious and nutritious menu that overwhelms your taste buds. Our guests enjoy and appreciate our food and hard work. Our restaurant focuses on traditional ingredients, recipes and styles of cooking that I have practised in my hometown. I grind my own Masala (spices) every day for each food item in our menu. It makes me proud and gives immense pleasure and satisfaction when a guest walks out with happy face. When you think of Authentic South Indian food in Calgary you will remember Masala Bhavan and I Welcome you to Masala Bhavan if you haven’t tried us before, I guarantee, that you will not be disappointed.